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What is Saltire Flex?

Saltire Flex is a good choice for taxi drivers who want more freedom in their work. Unlike other options, Saltire Flex lets drivers decide when and where they work without any forced commitments. It's great because they only take 10% of what the driver earns, and there are no hidden fees or extra charges. Drivers get to keep most of their money in a clear and transparent way.


The best part is that drivers can also work with other platforms such as Uber or Glasgo or any other local operator at the same time. This means they can take different jobs and make more money. Saltire Flex understands that every driver is different, so they support them in navigating the gig economy. It's made specifically for taxi and private hire drivers in Glasgow or South Lanarkshire, so it's a good fit for the local transportation scene.


With Saltire Flex, it's not just about providing a service; it's about giving drivers the power to choose how they work. We truly care about helping drivers succeed in the gig economy, knowing that everyone has their own way of doing things in the transportation business.

Saltire Flex has been born out of Saltire Private hire and is purely for on demand work as and when YOU want it. Simply log on and take work as it suits you, There is no penalties or log offs no £1 booking fees and a clear and transparent pricing with your fellow drivers leading the line when it comes to setting fares and charges for customers. 

What you earn is clearly laid out with the company taking a FIXED 10% of the fare, no Dynamic pricing just simple straight forward pricing with appropriate price uplifts and surges around busy times and events to ensure that drivers make a fare living wage 

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