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Tell me more about Saltire Flex

Saltire Flex is an open work platform aimed at drivers who want to be truly self employed in the Private Hire or Taxi Industry in Glasgow or South Lanarkshire. We've covered some main questions below but if theres anything else you want to ask just get in touch. We have a 24/7 team available to assist either on the phone on 0141 3195344 or on whatsapp on the same number 0141 3195344 

Q & A

Q - What do you charge?
A - : there is no charge to access the saltire platform, we simply take a flat 10% commission from each job for Saltire Flex

Q – is it a cash system?

A: no all jobs are prepaid

Q- Am I paid for no shows?

A: yes you will receive a payment for any no shows providing you confirm with the duty controller


Q – Whats the rates?

A: rates vary depending on time of day and some accounts may have fixed prices attached to them – generally speaking the minimum rates are £5 first mile and £1.90/mile after that

Q- Do airport jobs include parking?

A: you are paid for parking and pickup costs on all jobs


Q- what if I have a problem?

A: We have a 24/7 support team who you can contact on 0141 3195344 or via whatsapp our dispatchers are bilingual and you can get asap support over the phone or via whatsapp

FOR BOOKING SUPPORT contact the duty controller on whatsapp

FOR ACCOUNT SUPPORT contact the duty admin  on whatsapp or email

Both have active numbers manned 24/7 in the dispatch whatsapp chat

Q- Do I have to log on at certain times ?

A: no although drivers will be removed from Saltire Flex if they have been inactive for 30 days or more but you can rejoin at any time.

Q- Do I have to accept jobs?

A: you do not have to accept jobs if you do not want to. Although we do ask drivers to log off when not available to speed up the dispatch process for customers.

NOTE if you do not want a job DO NOT ACCEPT IT, we do expect drivers to complete any jobs they have swiped and accepted – you cannot “accidentally” swipe on a job so you would be expected to cover anything you swipe and accept any driver found to be regularly accepting jobs then rejecting will be removed from the system

Q- can I take a job when I’m already on another job for another app?

A: use common sense if your about to clear your current job and the Saltire job is nearby then yes. However admin reserve the right to reallocate any job you accept and are not seen to be making progress towards. Ie take a job then are still driving in the opposite direction


Q – how do I update my documents/details/bank details?

A: you can send your details in via email to or to saltire private hire on whatsapp just always attach your given callsign and name to any emails.

Q – Do i need any training to use the system?

A:  If you have used any other private hire or taxi app you'll feel right at home using Saltire Flex. Our system runs on Autocab which is very similar to both Icabbi and Ubers on driver apps. We also have a team in our Glasgow office 6am - 6pm to assist in person by appointment or our 24/7 whatsapp and phone support team 

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